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10-16-2015, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders......

Please remember to review, sign, and return graded papers, and the Friday folders on Monday. (Tuesday this time)

We will be on a different schedule next week due to IOWA testing. Our specials will be at 9:55, lunch is at 10:56 , and Recess is at 1:50.

Report Cards

Report cards will come home on Oct. 23rd so you can see the results your child's first "chapter" in their fourth grade story.

Needed items!

We need many Pringles cans with lids (no chips) and packages of regular oreos. Let us know if you can help us out. (every kid will need 9 oreros) We still need at least 6 more packages of oreos.

We also need many packages of foil stars. They come in packages of 250 or so, they are small stars, and inexpensive.

We will also need help covering the Pringles cans with black paper. We'll let you know when. :)

Thank you in advance for the help!

Colonial Day is Coming

December 18th is our Fourth Grade Colonial Day. We request that all students dress up as colonist to be participants in our Level Creek Colonial camp that will be set up on the school grounds. (teachers will dress up too) Be on the look out for good outfits while all of the Halloween costumes are out this month. Below is a link form the PTA (it is a PDF) of a costume company that is a school partner.

Wholesale Costume Club
Buy costumes at wholesale prices and Level Creek will earn 15% of each purchase.
Click here for details

Square One Art

Your child has been creating an original artwork in art class. You have an opportunity for this artwork to be put on various products, such as mugs, ornaments, phone covers, etc that you can purchase from Square 1 Art. These items make great one of a kind gifts for family and friends, and they will be delivered to your child before the Thanksgiving break (just in time for the holidays!). You will be able to order online or send the order form in to your teacher. Please add 6% tax to your order.

Contact Kathryn Adams at with any questions.

This is a fundraiser that goes toward paying for the Fifth Grade tile wall.

Important Dates:

November 2 - Order deadline

November 19 - Products delivered to your child's classroom

Hero Day!

Friday, Oct. 30th

“Hero Day”

For more than a century, United Way of Metro Atlanta has helped those in need. Your donation stays in Gwinnett County and helps to ensure that:

babies are born healthy

children enter school ready to learn and graduate prepared for careers

young people avoid risky behaviors

families are self-sufficient

people have access to health care

homeless people are housed within one year

On Friday, October 30th, your child has the opportunity to be a HERO and help United Way. For a donation of $5.00 or more, students may come to school dressed up as their favorite hero.

*Please note that this is not a Halloween Celebration and students should not come dressed up as monsters, etc. Talk to your child about the qualities of a real hero. Your child may also donate and be a hero without dressing up since the act of giving is truly heroic. Donations will be collected in the classroom.

The Science Fair is Coming

Remember the Level Creek Science Fair is coming! Letters of intent are due on October 16 with the projects being due in December. Please visit the website:

PAY SCHOOL FEES..field trips, agendas, and books

Mypaymentplus: Please remember to pay school fees such as StoryWorks, Wordly Wise, Agenda, Newspaper, and Field Trips. We are receiving expense reports each week that shows who has paid their fees. We will be sending home individual reminders soon to our friends who still need to pay. Let us know if their is a family hardship or situation as to why the fees can not be paid. Without these funds we can not provide our students with Colonial Day and the high tech high touch science experiences this year. If you can not find them on the payment site, let us know and you can send a check. Thanks!

General Class information

All Curriculum Night presentations are linked on our website.

The invitation to join our Quizlet account can also be located on our website. Study

Next Week's Important Events

You can find a homeroom special's schedule on our class website.

This week:

Monday Day 1 (PE)

Tuesday Day 2

Wednesday Day 3

Thursday Day 4 (PE), Spelling Test, Jamestown Discussion Board Due

Friday Day 5 TenMarks due, Mentor Sentence Quiz

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