Techno Tips

January 2016

Simple way to copy assignments in Infinite Campus

  • In Gradebook, click blue Settings tab next to the Save box. This will open a slide window for Settings.
  • Select Assignment Copier.
  • Check all assignments to be copied in the box on the left side (Copy From).
  • Select class to be copied to in the box on the right side (Copy To). You can only do one class at a time.
  • Click Next
  • Check to see if all desired classed are identified and click Done/Save.

Free Technology for Teachers

This is an incredible website that is relevant to education. It is updated daily and will post suggestions for integrating technology and links for specific topics. "Friend" it on Facebook for updates.


Confused about accessing Office 365 from home? Just login to Save it to your desktop! And of course you can access it via your phone. Just open Play Store and search for Office 365 and install it.

Zunal Webquests

A great way to guide research and create assignments. Go to to see what can be done. You can actually take an existing webquest and modify it for your own class needs. Hint - Ms. Gilbert has created a few for her class.