Mason Dixon October Newsletter

Mrs. Corder, Principal --- October 2021

Picture Day October 12th

Picture Day will be held Tuesday October 12th starting at 9:00 am. If possible, please place your picture order online or send in a check made out to the picture company in the envelope provided. You can order online at using picture day code: 60514HA

Parent and Teacher Conference October 14 (4:00-7:00)

Parent and Teacher Conferences will be held on October 14th from 4:00 - 7:00, if you would like to attend a meeting with your child's teacher please call 304-662-6113 or email and our secretary Mrs. Ammons will be glad to schedule a time for you.

Fall Party October 29

We will be hosting a fall party for our students on Friday October 29th. Due to current Covid -19 protocols this will be a closed party. Thanks to the generosity of our PTO the school will provide all snacks and treats for the event through the school, parents are not to send treats or goodie bags. This year we will be adding costumes back to our fun for the day, please do not pick costume that need a full face mask as these will not be allowed and make sure that the costume follows school dress code requirements and doesn't include the display of violence, blood or weapons. Please send your child in costume or dress up clothes for the day this year. All teachers will plan fun fall themed activities for students that day. Additional information will be shared as the event gets closer.