What is the smartest breed of dog??

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If someone were to ask you this question, your first instinct might be to say Labrador Retriever. This however is not the right answer. The smartest breed of dog is actually the Border Collie. Labs surprisingly are the fourth smartest dog breed.

Border Collies are extremely smart and can be trained to do almost any task. Sometimes Border Collies are too smart for their own good. They need constant interaction and lots of exercise in order to keep their mind and body in top shape. You would think that being as smart as a Border Collie would be exhausting, but this dog is always searching for something new to entertain its mind. The only time that this dog is able to relax is when he goes to sleep for the night.

Border Collies were originally breed to herd sheep and cattle, but if you are not fortunate enough to live on a farm and still want this dog as your best friend, the best way for you and the dog to entertain each other is to train him for agility trials. This will be a fun experience for you and your dog. After all who doesn't want to say that they have a super smart champion caliber show dog? This will also allow your dog to have a fun way to show off their talents.

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Here are some ways to find out more about this Super Dog:

This is an episode from Animal Planets Dogs 101 that talks about Border Collies. Take a minute to watch it and learn all about this dog.


You could also try to find a place near where you live that is having a dog show or an agility competition. There are sure to be Border Collies and many other breeds of dogs.