Beth's Best Cupcakes

and other treats

we are on a mission

our mission is very expected... to give you the best cupcakes, but you expected that. So in order to prove ourselves we are having a sale on every holiday, all of our treats will be $2 or under! and if you don't love our cupcakes tell us why and how you think we can fix

Our cupcakes

We ensure every bite you take of is delicious. Every treat you find in our store is homemade from scratch... even the icing. You can feel safe that non of you food is frozen, comes out of a box, or can! We also offer a delivery service so you can get your specialty cupcakes where ever you are

Here are the types of cupcakes we sell

consumer thoughts

Julie M. said" these are the best cupcakes ever! I will definitely tell ALL my friends"

Joe Q claimed" I felt like I was on cloud 9 when I took my first first bite,EAT HERE PLEASE"

and many more