Lakeland Beauty

The Buttermere Cloud

The Buttermere Cloud

Poem and photograph by @DaxaAndre

The Buttermere Cloud

The Buttermere Cloud

Suddenly appeared, high above and proud.

But just as it appeared so dark and mighty,

Shimmering rays of sun shone through brightly.

Pitter, patter, the rain I hear,

Cloudy, misty, then so clear.

Holiday memories in Buttermere,

Here we come, year after year.

Buttermere, Buttermere you evoke,

Such great memories, I’m so stoked,

The pretty picture tells the story,

Of Buttermere in all its glory!

Buttermere, Buttermere,

You challenge me, to hike

The surrounding mountains,

Including Fleetwith Pike.

From Peggy’s Bridge,

What views I can see.

All those tempting ridges

And the vast open valley.

Buttermere, Buttermere,

How I longingly yearn,

To immediately return,

To you…Buttermere…you Lakeland beauty!

By @DaxaAndre