The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

By: Crystal Beattie

What Is It?

the Canadian pacific railway was founded in 1881. It was formed to join together Canada and its citizens. The confederation brought four provinces together to create a new country. To form this new country British Colombia was guaranteed a railway to link all the provinces together. The construction of this railway was the main promises that brought British Colombia into confederation. This railway connected all the provinces together to create Canada.

Map Of The Canadain Pacific Railway

red route: the Canadian pacific railway
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Most of the construction was done by hand rather than being built my machinery. The work was very dangerous and quite difficult. The workers were required to leave their families and homes to work in remote and isolated areas. The workers would work many extended amount of hours. They had to live in huts or tents in camps beside the tracks or in small, poor villages.

Involvements And Additions

  • Involved in land settlements and land sales
  • Added telegraph lines
  • Started to build their own steam locomotives

Important Person

Sir William Cornelius Van Horne was the constructional and general manager of the CPR. He was born on February 3rd 1843 and died in Montreal on September 11th 1915. Sir William Cornelius had started his railway career as a telegrapher. His excellent management skills to improve the organizations of the railway construction.