protecting your online identity

Protecting you identity

Protecting your identity

Ashley is a big high school junior in Illinois . She's very careful about the information ,picture and comments she sends and posts. She say of picture and inappropriate material they have on their profiles . Her advice is simple: when you use the internet you never know who is looking at what you have on there the first time you log on to a social networking site an online identify.your online identity may be different from you real world identity. Playing around trying on different characteristics it's part o f his can have the control to protecting your identify and reputation and is very important have a password and have your life security. The virtual words is full of opportunities to Internet and share there are not take backs a lot of what you do say online can be retrieved any one who accesses your profile on a social network site can copy or screen to make share your doing everything you can to keep your material private. Safeguard your password and change them frequently.someone logs on to a site and pretends to be you. They can fresh your identity.files this mean temporary online if you get fire and angry and commented on a message . Take a breather to avoid flaming blog it's good idea to do this could be insulting or abusive and the comment rudes. Lear about copyright it's a good idea to learn about make sure you don post share o distribute imagines songs or files