DiG iN Admin Resources

A collection of DiG iN processes and links.

Resource Page

Whether it's a new student needing a laptop, a damaged machine or just have question regarding policies, you'll find the answers and links here.

New Students: DiG iN Laptop Requirements

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Laptop Agreement Form

An acceptable use agreement for DiG iN devices... Must be completed and must include student and parent/guardian signatures. Students 18 years of age are NOT exempt from this requirement.

Sometimes Things Happen

for Lost / Stolen Laptops

When a laptop is reported lost or stolen.

For Damaged Laptops

When damage is reported to a DiG iN Laptop.

TIPWeb-IT: Inventory Management


Select the link and log in with your FWISD Credentials.

TIPWeb-IT How-To's

For detailed instructions on distributing, collecting and documenting swaps and laptop issues.