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Thorntown Elementary School 10/3/22

It has been an amazing first quarter. I often get asked how we can possibly learn with all that is going on in and around our school. You'd be surprised about how smooth the process is going! Majority of the work is outside our walls and what we do observe piques our curiosity about how the world works all around us. Watching the machinery and the contractors construct a building up close brings new meaning to the science we study in school. It is school as usual for us and we are getting the added benefit of some real world experience. We hope you'll appreciate the progress when you get a chance to visit!

Important Information

Grade Cards & End of the Quarter News: Friday marks the end of our first quarter. Grade cards will be published via Harmony the following week. You can access Harmony at any point in the year to monitor your child's progress, but first quarter grades are finalized this week. Any time you have concerns you should reach out to your child's teacher. Parent-Teacher conferences are a good time to work together to support your child with learning, but don't wait, if you have more immediate concerns. With the change of the quarter, we will also switch from PE to Art. Thank you to Mrs. Jones for keeping us active in the gym these first few weeks. We look forward to seeing Mrs. Burgin back to brighten up the building with beautiful student artwork!

Parent Teacher Conferences: Oct 11 &13; Please contact your child's teacher to schedule your conference if you have not done so already.

Grandparents' Day: October 14 - See specific details below. Thanks for your patience with parking and our procedures during this time of construction!

Breakfast: Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:50 daily. If your child plans to eat breakfast, please get here closer to 7:30 to allow them enough time to eat before the 7:55 tardy bell.

Fall Break: Fall break is the week of Oct 17-21. No school that week! Enjoy your time with family!

Immunizations: School immunizations are a required component of enrollment in school. Anyone who is not current with immunizations by the end of the first quarter will be excluded from attending until they provide proof of immunizations, proof of an appointment to get their immunizations, or an exemptions letter on file with the school. You have been contacted by the school nurse if this applies to your child. Please contact Mrs. Ford with updates or questions to avoid disruption to your child's participation in school.

Community Building: I Can Do Hard Things!

As we end our first quarter together, it is a good time to talk with students about how they see themselves as learners. We intend school to be a place where students are stretched and challenged in a variety of ways. Afterall, if you aren't wrestling with something a bit, you probably are not learning anything new. Share your different strengths and needs with your child, talk about how you learned as a child, help them understand that hard things are not bad. We spend our lives getting good at handling hard things and that is how we prepare to be our best selves. Set a learning goal with your child for the second quarter and plan how your can work as a family to help them achieve this goal. The content we teach day-to-day is nothing compared to the life lessons that go into learning something new and putting your whole heart in to what you are learning and doing. If grades are not where you want to see them, be sure to talk with your child about what they feel they are struggling with and how they can get better at handling that hard thing. Help them consider whether they put their whole heart into their work each day. We become the best versions of ourselves when we decide to apply ourselves and take ownership of our learning journey. This conversation will look different for a 5 year old versus a 12 year old, but no one is too young to hear this message . We will talk with our students about this in our community building time each day, but please continue to conversation at home.
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Grandparents' Day - OCTOBER 14

We are excited to host Grandparents' Day on Friday, October 14. Due to limited parking and construction restrictions, we will do 2 sessions to split the crowd. We recognize this can make for a long day for grandparents who want to attend both sessions. Thorntown has some wonderful eateries where you can catch up with friends and grab a bite before returning for our afternoon session. Hopefully you can make a great day of celebrating your role as grandparents!

Grades 3-6:

  • 8:45 Sign-in stations open up at doors 11 & 12. Grandparents may visit classrooms briefly as time allows, until the program begins in the gym.
  • 9:30 Grandparents take their seats in the gym
  • 9:45 Program
  • 10:15 or when program ends - Release students back to classrooms
  • 10:20 Release grandparents to leave

Grades PreK-2:

  • 12:30 Sign-in stations open up at doors 11 & 12. Grandparents may visit classrooms briefly as time allows, until the program begins in the gym.
  • 1:15 Grandparents take their seats in the gym
  • 1:30 Program
  • 2:00 or when program ends - Release students back to classrooms
  • 2:05 Release grandparents to leave building (Must clear any parking from Mill Street for busses to arrive by 2:15)

Secure Sign-In: We are asking grandparents to pre-register to help expedite the sign-in process. They can still attend if they do not pre-register, but they will need a background check run upon arrival to be permitted in the building. This can slow their check-in time. Pre-registration can open 7 days prior to an event, so we will share the registration link on Oct 7.

Parking: School staff will park off-site that day to open up the parking lot for our visitors. Parking will still be limited, so plan your arrival accordingly in the event you need to park off-site.

Dismissal: We are asking to be notified in writing on or before the morning of Oct 14 of any students who will be going home with their grandparents. Following the program, these students will return to their classrooms to gather their belongings, before being released to the office at the main entrance where they will connect with their grandparents. No one should leave with students without signing them out in the office.

It is very important for parents to pass the info on to grandparents so they have the details and pre-registration info.

Visitors & Volunteers

We are excited to welcome parent volunteers and visitors for special events. We ask that visitors arrive after 8:15 to allow us to get through arrival and secure the building, before opening up the sign-in stations. We will not have visitors join students for lunch, as no visitors will be permitted in the cafeteria during meal times. Please note that all volunteers and visitors to the school must check in with a driver's license or government-issued identification each time they visit. Volunteers will need to complete a criminal background check prior to helping with classrooms or attending field trips. Regular volunteers will still need their identification prior to entry each time they visit. Don't leave home without it!

Upcoming Events


7 Preregistration for Grandparents' Day is available

10 Switch from PE to Art for the 2nd Quarter

11 & 13 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:00PM, as scheduled

14 Grandparents' Day Programs

17-21 Fall Break - No School

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