Mindfulness Documentary Premiere

Change starts within.

Mindfulness is the antidote for the increasing levels of distraction, stress and anxiety that are reaching epidemic levels today. In our technological age, focus is everything and mindfulness meditation gives you a simple method to train your focus, develop your creative flow and become dramatically more present.

We believe strongly in the practice of Mindfulness at Unified Stream and we are excited to bring this new mindfulness documentary to Vancouver for its Canadian premiere.

The Mindfulness Movie collects an unprecedented group of 35 world-renowned experts in the fields of psychiatry, relationships, sports, psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience from around the globe, as well as major bestselling authors. The goal of the documentary is simple—to redefine “mindfulness” for the average person as an accessible and powerful training and educational tool for living a full life with less strife and more creativity.

The Mindfulness Movie: Vancouver Documentary Premiere

Tuesday, March 18th, 7:15-9pm

1660 East Broadway


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.