The Better Photo

Tips to Make Your Photos Shine

Importance of Photography

Photography is one of the most important things in our world today. Without it, people wouldn't be able to cherish memorable events and have them with you later in life. Photos can bring back great memories about your past; and editing is a great technique to make photos more appealing and bring them to life.

There are many wonderful editing websites and programs that are quick and easy to make your pictures more appealing. But knowing photography tricks and tips will better ready you for this world of photography and make your photo be the best that it can be. Photography is an essential part of living and the better the picture, the better the memory!

Unlimited Tips

Below are just some of the many different photography editing techniques, websites, and so much more information on how to make....The Better Photo!

Screenshots :)

Screen shotting is a fantastic technique that will make transferring photos easier. Simply press - command - shift - 4. Then drag the screen for what you want the full photo to look like and it will be on your desktop in a flash!
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Photography Blogging!

Epic Edits is a great website where photographers can blog about their photos and look at other bloggers and their pictures as well! Blogging is a fantastic way to share and learn more about other photographers' styles.

The link is below....

Editing Websites -

Below are just three of the many editing websites that you can go to if you think that your photo needs to be improved. You can crop along with adding color, effects, and texture to provide your photo with what it needs to be outstanding to others.

Editing Examples:

These are photos that I thought needed to be improved. I went to pixlr and changed things around around until i found a finished project I was happy with.
Photography Tips for Photo Shoots