Lifelong Learning Association

Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Derneği - Turkey PIC No: 949281868

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Life Long Education Association (YAŞAM BOYU EĞİTİM DERNEĞİ)

Life Long Education Association works for and conducts projects aiming at a more successful, self-confidence and happier life both at an individual and societal level. Accordingly, we strive to contribute to the processes of becoming reconciled with environment and earth by raising environmental sensitivity and awareness. We are also interested in contributing to the personal development of individuals as to promote hopefulness, thinking international and global scales, respectful attitude towards the cultural, sexual, and personal differences. Regarding this, we are aware of the potentiality of art so we also try to raise and promote awareness of art. In general, we consider learning and education as one of the most fundamental aims of human life and hence we think that each moment of life is an opportunity for learning new things. Accordingly, we aim to aid in the creating a society where individuals approach one another in a respectful manner as a source of knowledge and as a possible recipient of one’s life-experience. We believe that this will enable individuals to become more productive, independent, creative, open-minded. Furthermore, we believe that this would contribute to a mindful and human oriented technological development, having some useful aims for all the people both at a national and global level.

TARGET GROUPS: Children, parents, women, students, preparing the work life, professionals, educators, and candidates of educators, senior citizens, homeless people, solitary people, prisoners.

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Our organisation works for: Being more successful, self-confidence and happier, becoming reconciled with environment and earth, be hopeful, thinking international and continental, being respectful the differences, be conscious of art and love it, thinking each second of life as a learning time, learning from everybody and sharing experiences, understanding the technological developments, having some useful aims for all the people, being promote and productive, being independent and genuine...TARGET GROUPS: Children, parents, students, preparing the work life, professionals, educators, candidates of educators, old people, homeless people, solitary people, prisoner peoples, senior citizens and women.

Other community funding

Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Grant Scheme


Yasam Boyu Eğitim Derneği

Fellow Turks, Aware of Our Responsibilities Project

EU Socrates Programme


Seniors Learn Anders

Seniors Learn in Different Way

EU Culture Programme

2010-0899 EU Culture Project

Art Scenico e.V.


EU- YIA 3.1


Denmark United Nations Association

Training for Trainers in Human Education

What are the activities and experience of the organization in the areas relevant for this application?

Project works, seminars, symposiums, panels, academicals congresses, conferences, exhibitions, kermises, workshops, ‘Let’s learn and share’ meetings, publications, competitions. We included Seniors Learn in Different Ways project, between Austria, Lithuanian and Turkey. We are implementing “Fellow Turks, Aware of Our Responsibilities Project”

What are the skills and expertise of key staff/participants involved in this application?

Our key staff Ali ULUSOY has perfect project writing and implementing experience in NGO’s. Also for several years we organizing different local projects, training and events for individuals of all ages. We have the knowledge about leadership for school and training organization staff, planning &time management and problem solving, team building and organizationals success, project based thinking and project management, result oriented success.


· Trainer for Soft Skill Training for all,

· Fundraising and Employability

· Leadership Skills

· Proposal Writing and Project Management

· Strategic Planning in Organizations

· Personal and Organizational Development For NGO Leaders, Developing Voluntary Services in NGOs

Other Skills: Web Design, E-publishing, MS Office, English (Advanced)

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