In the Hall of the Mountain King

by: William Brown


His name was Edvard Grieg and he was born on June 15, 1843 in Bergen Norway, he died on September 4, 1907. He wrote piano, orchestras, and chamber music (also one symphony). He was taught by his mother and was famous by the age of 15. He is the most important Norwegian composer of the Nationalist-Romantic era. He followed a nationalistic composition style.

Information about in the Hall of the Mountain King

This song was originally performed in a play. This song starts slowly then gets really fast (I can’t play it that fast). It is arranged for tuba and piano in the key of D minor with a 4/4 meter. It was written in 1874 to 1875. This piece is structured in ternary form. The music keep going until the mountain king shouts cool your blood

William Brown info.

I have been musical since I was 3. I have played piano for about 4 years. I love a lot of types of music (instrumental, pop, etc.). After hearing a simple tune I am usually very quick at getting the right notes without sheet music. I am also good at memorizing notes from songs I have played before (diferent instruments).

Musical Terms

Fortississimo: Extremely loud if not as loud as you can play. Sharp play slightly higher than the note is. Flat: play slightly lower than the note is. Accent: play the beginning of the not with more emphasis. Rest: when you don’t play any notes for an amount of beats.mezzo forte: middle loud. Piano: soft. Fortissimo: very loud. Staccato: play for only a small portion of a note's length. Natural: play with the original note according to the time signature. Crescendo: get slowly louder for a certain amount of time.4/4 time: 4 beats in a measure and the quarter note gets the beat.


I have played hall of the mountain many times, and looked over the notes many times. This song is very interesting to me, it was written by one of my favorite composers, and is still interesting to me today (written over 100 years ago). I also find it challenging for both the high notes and speed. It is just in all a very fun piece to play because it challenges you and it has things like slurred staccato accents that are just straight out fun to play. Finally I learned a lot from this song as in interpreting music in my own way.