British Immigrants

By: Tyler

The British Hopes

The British came to Canada hoping for many things.For example , they hoped to become landowners or at least a stable occupation. Over 800,000 British migrated to Canada. Hoping for a better life and they wanted more land for their family’s. They wanted to have enough food,healthier environment,supplies and rights with the government that they did not have. Did the British get everything they hoped for probably not but most of their hopes true.

The British And Canadian Relationship

Canada and the British had a very close relationship until the two countries started to grow apart economically, socially, even politically even though they shared the same legacy. They shared the same military history, the same head of state and monarch and the same system of government.Both has separate trade blocs and both countries have experienced mass immigration from non -western countries.

British Contributions

They brought English traders. British inventions include the steam engine, the gas turbine, the railway the gas stove/cooker, car, negative and colour photography, radio waves the jet engine and video games The agricultural and industrial revolutions were brought about by the British also the development of mercantilism, free trade, capitalism and economic liberalism. English is also the most widely spoken language. The British are also responsible for famous brands of food,drinks and clothes. Many famous novels and children's stories are written by British authors.

The Great Migration Of Canada

British immigrants there were over 800,000 immigrants went to Canada from Britain. This was called the great migration of Canada and was in the time span from 1815 to 1850. The British migrated to Canada because the number of jobs was very low and the British needed to work to support their families. this was caused by population growth. The British thought that finding a new world for them and/or their families and they did get one.