All sophomores should have gotten their outfits at this point (except for a few that were on back order which will arrive next week). Please have your children try the outfits and ensure that they fit. The dresses and pants may be long. They are meant to be. You may need to hem these items. For a temporary solution, there is hem tape, and if you are able to you can have a dry cleaner or friend hem them to a proper height.


We have three order dates for the gift card/scrip fundraiser before the holiday season. They are:
November 16
December 1
December 14

Cards should arrive by the Fridays following each order. Do remember that you can make Presto-Pay ScripNow purchases at any time using your mobile phone using Happy holiday SCRIPping!

After the break, an order will be placed on Tuesday, January 5. Rebates from this, and from PrestoPay orders through 11:59pm that evening, will be the last that can be applied towards the final trip payment.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this fundraising program. Buy gift cards as gifts, or buy gift cards to pay for the items you will be buying as gifts anyway. By planning ahead and buying gift cards for your holiday purchases, you are also getting a small rebate towards your student account for trip payments. Below is a picture of the informational sheet for the Scrip program.
Big image


The poinsettia fundraiser ends this Friday! Please bring all orders with your name on them, to me this Friday. Any late orders will not be collected!

Third Payment

The third payment is due November 15th. If you asked for fundraising money to be used on November 2nd then your balance should reflect a change.

IF IT DOES NOT: pay the amount you were expecting to pay. For example, if you used $100 in fundraising money for a $300 payment, then pay $200, regardless of whether the balance on your account has changed or not yet. The travel company is working through changing the balances as quickly as they can.

Also the total trip cost has increased by $30 to $1249. I apologize for this increase. It was due to a higher cost for airfare than expected.

Sign Up Genius

Please see the below link for our signup genius. We are seeking some volunteers for the concert who can assist with the setup and our reception.

We are also asking students with a last name A-L bring a food item to our reception. This food item should be something easily edible by hand. Examples from the past, include cookies, chips, candy etc.