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spain is located on planet earth

national anthem


Long live Spain!
We sing together,
with different voices,
and only one heart.

Long live Spain!
From the green valleys,
to the immense sea,
a hymn of brotherhood.

Love the Fatherland,
which knows how to embrace,
below the blue sky,
people in freedom.

Glory to the sons,
who to history give,
justice and greatness,
democracy and peace.

Some facts about spain

1.the name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits.
2. Spain has over 8000 km of beaches.
3. There is no tooth fairy in Spain but rather a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Perez.
4. They have highest number of bars out of all the countries in the EU.
5. Barcelona’s city hall provided 1 million euro to fund the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
6. Christopher Columbus (the famous explorer) is Spanish, but they have no idea where he was buried

Spain has some beautiful beaches

touring spain

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some famous peoples

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