Antonia Ford Willard

By: Breanna & Byron

Early years

Birth- July 23, 1838

Death- feb 14, 1871

education- In 1857 she attended Buckingham college institute! She also attended a commbia private fishing school for girls only.

contribution to civil war

before civil war: Antonia willard was a curious young woman that was actually disliked by many union members, infact a general betrayed her and ended up getting her arrested nearby Washington DC.

contribution to civil war part 2

what she did in the civil war; she was a secret spy for the union army, and was not accepted as a spy for her side and was often in trouble for being accused for spying for the other side.

life after the civil war

After the civil war, Antonia Willard got tired of being turned in by her army. so several months the after the civil war had ended, Antonia resigned from the army and spy force and was married to Joesph miller and had 3 kids, and after she died she was burried with her husband at a local grave site called oak hill cemitary where many helpers from the civil war were also burried, yet there hasnt been any memorials for her service.

interesting facts

1. she was the daughter of a fair fax Virginian merchant

2. she was arrested for spying for the other side.

3. she was married to Joseph Willard

4. she was most known for being in one of the most famous cavalry raid.

5. her brother served in Stuart's calvary