Electrical Engineering

Kyle da Costa

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About Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering contains the study and application of electricity, and items with electricity. Electrical engineers work on a variety of components, devices, and systems that use electricity. I might choose to have a career in Electrical Engineering, because I like working with technology, and building things, Electrical Engineering combines them both, putting on the list of engineering choices I may choose.

A day as an Electrical Engineer

An Electrical Engineer would go to work early to get the maximum time there. They would work on projects with a team, based with some type of electricity, as well as work with designers and architects. They work with different clients on each project they do.


Electrical Engineers have a very high starting salary. The average starting salary for an electrical engineer is $52,264, but it can go up to a high of $102,141, with a median of $70,398.
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To become an electrical engineer, you would need to have a bachelor degree at the minimum. Some of the classes you might take could be computer programming, electrical circuits, calculus, robotics and other engineering related classes. The base of electrical engineering is math and physics, so you would probably need to take math and physics in college.