A Great Trading Partner, Italy

By: Jasmine.K.Msuta


The world's 10th largest trade country, country where The leaning tower of Pisa now stands,the home of great legend Romeo and Juliet and land of Roman gods and goddesses. Do you know which place I am talking about? Yes the the great country Italy. Italy will never be a normal country because . If Italy were a normal country, we would not have the contribution of delicious and unique food and stunning architecture of monuments.

The fabulous italy






Adoption of flag was done on January 21st 1919.



Southern Europe
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59.83 Million approximately



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  • Veil
  • Long wide dress
  • Garment


  • Trousers
  • Beratta


Folk Dance

Tarantella (Italian Folk dance)


  • The epiphany
  • Liberation Day
  • May Day
  • Feragosto
  • Gilorno dei morti
  • Befana
  • Pasqua
  • Capodanno
  • Ognissanti

Bersaglieri celebrations for Italian Unification day.


Italy is known for it's architecture today because of the ancient Romans. The Ancient Romans have made one of the most famous architecture called "Colosseum" that is today WORLD famous

Natural Resources

Natural resources are not manufactured, what I mean is they are not human made. Being a small country, Italy has less natural resources compared to Canada or Russia, but considering size, Italy has enough resources.

Here's a few examples of

Natural resources in Italy,


Manufactured Goods

Manufactured goods, what that? (Are you not wondering that). Even if your not, just listen up. Manufactured goods are opposite to natural resources, this means they are man made.
Here are a few examples of manufacterd goods of Italy


Type of government

Italy has a Political government and is not a war country


Just like Canada, Italy also has political parties. Though Canada has 38 where Italy only has 4.

Head of country

Head of country, also known as president of the republic is elected every 7 years.

The current president of Italy is...

Sergio Matteralla


The parliament of Italy has 2 chambers...

  • Senate of republic. (315 members)

  • Chamber of deputies. (630 members)

What a great introduction on Italy. Let's go into trade.

Italy's trading partners

Italy's top 5 import partners

  • Germany($68.1B)
  • France($38.4B)
  • China($30.2B)
  • The Nether Lands(26.8B)
  • Russia(26.5B)

italy's top 5 Export partners

  • Germany($58.1B)
  • France($49.8B)
  • The United States of America($38.1B)
  • United Kingdom($24.8B)
  • Switzerland($24.7B)


Goods available for export to Canada

The goods available for export to Canada would be, Italy's natural resources, manufactured goods, and agriculture.
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goods imported by italy from canada

The MAIN goods Italy imports from Canada are...

  • Mineral Products
  • Animal Products
  • Chemical Products
  • Stones
  • Plastic Products
  • Jewellery
  • Optical Instruments

goods imported by canada from italy

The MAIN goods Canada imports from Italy are...
  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Rubber
  • Furniture
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Why should Canada continue to trade with italy

Trade can not be only done with one country, it must be done with a group of different countries in order to achieve quantity and quality. Canada must continue to trade with Italy because of all the advantages like Italy's location, Italy's climate, and the needs of Canada. First of all while trading has to keep the distance in mind. This means if Canada were to choose who to trade with, Italy or southern South America, the government would surely chose Italy since it is a direct route through water; this means it is cheaper. On the other hand if Canadian government was to trade southern South America, they would have to use air passage; this means it costs more. You may be wondering why take air passage to get to southern South America? Well, when going from Canada to southern South America, you face land and water both. This way, by air is the easiest way. Secondly, since America and Canada have relevant climate, in Winter it is a better idea to trade with Italy because it has different climate. Lastly, by trading with Italy if there is a major need that America can not supply, Canada may refer to Italy. Or if Canada needs an Italian product such as Italy's cultural resources, Canada needs to trade with Italy instead of America. It is important to trade with Italy because one day in the future, it will pay off.

How will trading with Italy benefit Canadians

Trade benefits all countries who are a part of the trade, such as when Canada trades with Italy, Canada will have a huge benefit because by trading the relationship is improved of Italy and Canada, that means Canada will have more tourist, trade will help Canada income wisely, and will give Canadians a variety of goods. Firstly, when Italy and Canada trade, the relationship/economy improves which will then attract a variety of tourist. Secondly, when it comes to trade both countries are improving trade balance by exporting items to each other, when Canada will export goods to Italy not just will Canada's trade balance improve but also Canada will gain money. Lastly, by trading Canadians have a variety of goods that are from all around the world, for ex, when it comes to trade with Italy, Canadians will have Italian cultural resources besides the ones provided in Canada. Trade benefits Canada even when Canada trades with a country besides Italy, though the benefits;Canada will have a huge benefit because by trading the relationship is improved of Italy and Canada, that means Canada will have more tourist, trade will help Canada income wisely, and will give Canadians a variety of goods; stay the same


I would like the government to take consideration of my thought of continuing to trade with the 10th largest trade country, country where Shakespeare was from, country with the longest river, and the country who used lira even when the euro was invented and adopted by all countries in Europe, our amazing Italy.


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