The turkey newspapers

Turkey has 3 cost one north,south, and west. 70% of the people live in towns and cities. Almost all people are Muslims. People on the cost of turkey have a Mediterranean climate. It has rich mineral resources of coal,copper,and iron. Turkey is a little bit bigger than Texas. Istanbul is Turkeys largest city with nearly 9 million people.

What up in turkey


Silt,silt is small particals of rich soil. Silt is found in rivers. It gets washed up by flooding. Silt is a hundreds times smaller than a gran of sand.


Phosphate is mineral salt used in fertilizer.the formula is PO43-.Its Molotov mass is 94.9714g/mol.phosphate is an inorganic chemical and a salt of phosphoric acid. In organic chemistry, a phosphate, or organophosphate, is an ester of phosphoric acid.


Who were the berberers .Berberers or Amazighs are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa. They are distributed in an area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Niger River


What is opec?OPEC is a cartel that aims to manage the supply of oil in an effort to set the price of oil on the world market, in order to avoid fluctuations that might affect the economies of both producing and purchasing countries.


What Egypt's crops?Egyptians grew crops such as wheat,barley vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also grew flax which was made into linen. The most important crop was grain .The ancient Egyptians used grain to make bread, porridge and beer.