Tarheels Newsletter

September 25, 2015

Upcoming Dates/Events/Information

  • Progress Reports went home on September 23rd. Please make sure these are returned ASAP if you have not already.
  • October 2nd - Teacher Workday- No school for students
  • Planners need to be signed once a week by a parent/guardian but PLEASE check nightly for notes and assignments. Students are held accountable for not filling in their agendas.
  • Lanyards need to be worn every day. Students can wear their own lanyards if they prefer something besides by the JFMS one we provide, but they must wear them at all times.
  • Please come out and support our sports programs if you are able. Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Football are our Fall sports. Students may stay after school with parent permission to attend any home games for Fall sports. Please make sure you pick up your child promptly after the games are complete. Student ticket cost is $3.00 for most events. Football games are $4.00
  • Students will need tennis shoes for Academic Academy every Tuesday.
  • Pre-order your yearbooks! Go to www.jostens.com
  • If you are a member of Facebook, please join our Jacobs Fork Middle School Facebook page for updates from our school and community.
  • Fundraising orders are still delayed. Hopefully, they will be here next week!
  • Teacher webpages are here! Please log on to see our new webpages with homework calendars from our JFMS homepage.
  • Midterm reward is on Wednesday of next week during AA. Qualifying students can use their electronic devices and go outside for social time. Students must have obtained 15 stamps and cannot be failing any academic class.

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Academic Class Information

Language Arts

This week we continued discussing and practicing the elements of Plot and Fiction. We primarily focused on Point of View. Students took a test on Point of View on Friday to determine their understanding using notes. We will be focusing on Point of view in various texts next week and merging the idea of point of view and how that affects characterization. Students were assigned specific pages and chapters a few nights a week. Students are to read Chapter 8 over the weekend. These readings must be completed before returning to class so we can process and analyze the reading. If your child struggles with reading they can follow along with the audio readings located on my webpage under "Student Links" or see me on Monday, Wednesday and/or Fridays during AA for small group instruction.

We also visited the Book Fair in our Media Center. This will be closing on Monday.

Remember homework for my class will typically include:

  1. Article of the Week
  2. Assigned pages in The Outsiders novel.


Students have been using proportions to solve real-world math and the seeing the variety of ways they may be used and written. They have seen how proportions can be used to predict animal populations in the wild by watching a video and conducting their own simulation of the capture and re-capture method that scientists use in the wild. We have written and worked proportions in tables and in unit rates to compare prices and determine the better buy. Students will have their Chapter 1 test on Monday.

Social Studies

Monday found us watching the original Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" with discussion regarding Human-Environment Interaction. Tuesday found us discussing further the correct answers to our Atlas Checklist worksheet, particularly types of energy, both renewable and non-renewable. After checking the Map Skills Pretest homework on Wednesday, we took a virtual tour to Fontana Dam, learned how and why the tallest hydroelectric power dam east of the Mississippi River was built, and what the impact was on the people and ecosystems in the area due to the flooding/construction of the man-made Fontana Lake built to harness the power of the Little Tennessee River. We continued on with the correct answers to the Atlas Checklist. Thursday found us learning how to read a map and calculate distances using the map's scale of miles to inches and determining the shortest distance between two points. We will wrap up this week with more on latitude, longitude, distance, the five major oceans and seven major continents.


Students have, hopefully, gained an understanding of the atmospheric factors and patterns that determine what weather conditions will occur in a particular place and time. Students are engaging in activities that will help them gain an understanding of how meteorologist predict weather using data obtained from instruments and plotted on weather maps.

We named our class tarantula this week; the students voted on names and she is now named Carlos. We will observe Carlos' characteristics and refer to them during our living organism unit.