The American System

Sunday, October 12, 1816

The Three Ideas

In this time of debt after the War of 1812, us Americans need support and help to repair what has been broken. To help our country and the people, there are three ideas that will boost our economy and create a more united America. The first idea is to enforce the create a stronger banking system. Though the bank has had it's ups and downs, in the American System we will redo the bank creating the 2nd Bank of America. It will help the business world and trade. Secondly, we wish to enforce the Protective Tariff. It will create a tax on all importing goods, and improve the idea of American trade and using our own goods. Lastly the Idea of building a networks of roads and canals will go into action. This will unite our country as we can inform people about news quicker, trade easier, and come together as the United States of America.

Henry Clay

I am the creator of this idea and I support this flyer.