Friday, February 26, 2016


The Vanguard Message

Somewhere along the line, the Vanguard team and technology became so intertwined that the Fulton community associates our work with "cool tools" and using LOTS of technology in everything that we do. And yes, while we are a tech-savvy and knowledgeable bunch about those areas, being a Vanguard member is much more than that.

As a Vanguard member, we COACH teachers on the best way to PERSONALIZE learning using TRANSFORMATIONAL technology. In fact, our official vision statement doesn't include the word technology. (Need a reminder on the vision? It's at the bottom of every Smore.)

Thank you all for doing what you can as Vanguard - working daily towards that message, mission, and vision! I know we ask you to go above and beyond with this work, but please know how valued you all are!

To help spread the word, here's a video from Emily Davis. Folks interested in attending ISTE were asked to submit a "What Is Vanguard?" presentation and this was Emily's submission. As you'll see in this video, we're more than just tech.

The Vanguard submissions for ISTE closed on Friday, February 19. In addition to those presenting, the following individuals submitted presentations and were selected to attend: Jodi Moskowitz, Emily Davis, Sharon Ferguson, Amanda Smith, Renee Morris, and Karen Artis. Congrats, ladies!

New Vanguard Design!

Vanguard: the foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.

As Vanguard, we are at the forefront with Instructional Technology. Why not show that through our shirt! Casey Hall used that mindset and the strength of the knights when designing. Shirts come in three different colors and cost ONLY $8.49!

There is less than two weeks left to order! Get yours now!

Order Your Shirt Today!

Shirts will be sent through inner school mail as soon as they are received.

Innovative Lesson and Project Competition for the Redefining Learning Conference

Every teacher has that one lesson or project that is so creative and effective that their colleagues come knocking down their doors to learn how to recreate it. If you agree, this is the competition for you! Submit your innovative lesson or project at for a chance to win a free Flipgrid subscription ($65 value).

Gaming meets Professional Learning in our new simSchool Pilot

Virtual Seminar 3 offers an exciting opportunity that features a simulated lab experience for new teachers practicing assessment strategies.

The GO TIP program seeks the Vanguard team's assistance to identify some tech savvy, new to FCS teachers, who would be a good fit to help us pilot our simSchool Virtual Seminar 3.

Requirements are as follows:

1.) must be a new to FCS teacher who is already participating in the GO TIP program

2.) must be interested in trying a simSchool, virtual classroom experience for Virtual Seminar 3.

If you know of a teacher at your school who would be a good fit, please have them email Jennifer Beard for more information. Limiting Seating Available!


Coaching Log Spotlight!

Thank you to everyone who has completed their February log! I love being able to see what it is that you're doing in your schools and with your mentees. Here are two quick spotlights from this month's log.
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Roving Reporter Subjects Wanted!

I am looking for new schools and teachers to showcase! I'd like to be able to focus on the different principles of personalized learning. If you think you've got something good, let me know!


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Discovery Education Spring Virton 2016 Live Webcast

"VirtCon is a bi-annual conference that brings our community together to hear cutting-edge keynotes, be inspired by thought-provoking presentations, and participate in engaging discussions with the Discovery Education Community across the whole country. Streamed live from our headquarters in Maryland, VirtCon provides you with the opportunity to hear from your peers, share ideas and instructional tools, and discover new resources available to you."

Vanguard member, Kati Searcy, is one of their speakers! Register today to attend this FREE virtual event!


Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.
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