Thursday, September 12, 2013

Language Arts

Today's Agenda

Morning Quick Write: Write about a time when you were bored

In Google Drive: Write about a time when you were bored. Remember to describe the setting, use good sensory detail and tell your readers how you overcame the problem. Please remember to share it with me(

This assignment has a 20 minute time limit. Please Join the Rose Avenue Group:isj3rc
and link it as a Note in the Rose Avenue Group.

Word Study

Today we are going to go back into our Word Study Lesson using this weeks words and create a Account. Then we are going to use this weeks information to create a poster in and turn in for a grade.

Please post your poster in two places, your spelling group marked " Assignment" And link it as a Note in the Rose Avenue Group

Breaking Through-First Cold Read/ Text Markup

This morning we are going to be reading a short 1 page excerpt from the story Breaking Through, by Francisco Jimenez. We will be marking up the text with i-annotate. And turning it into the Rose Avenue Group as a Note. We will also be discussing this using our notes from the passage.

CCSS:6 RL.1 Cite textual evidence to support annalysis of what the text says.