Milton News

Easter 2019

Class 1

Most of Class 1 went to the EIS a week last Friday for a sports trip.They enjoyed a variety of activities. Dancing was very popular and everyone had a really good time.

Class Three

Class three had a visit to St Margaret's church Swinton on Friday the 5th April.

They enjoyed a palm cross making session from Father Barley and a discussion over juice and biscuits about the Easter story.

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Class three making mini toad in the hole...… Lots of mixing to do but the end results were really worth it!
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Class three designing an island of their imagination complete with key.

The island shown was called "Island of challenge".

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Class 4 and 5

On 18th March Class 4 and 5 went to Eden camp to learn about WW1 and 2.

All the pupils had a great time, looking at and experiencing what it might have been like to be living during this time.

What a great day. The pupils were a credit to Milton School.

World Book Day

This years World Book Day was a fantastic day for our pupils.

Pupils were greeted with a sensational transformation of our school hall into an Alice in Wonderland theme; including designated reading areas in the magic garden for parents and staff to read to groups of pupils. Various activities were held throughout the day which also included a Mad Hatters Tea party at Dinner time.

Thank you to all staff for making such an effort today with costumes, enthusiasm and cooperation and thank you to everyone who came into school to read to our pupils!

A day that will remembered for a long, long time.

House Parent and Carer Day

Our first House parent and carer day this half term was a big success. It was great to see so many people enjoying taking part in the quizzes, bingo and scavenger hunt. It was also an opportunity for parents and carers to see how our epraise reward system works. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event and to everyone who attended the day. A fantastic day for everyone involved!


E- Praise has continued to be a great success this half term with the introduction of the Epraise Shop which allows pupils to purchase small items as a reward for the points they have earned. Many thanks to Miss McCabe for organizing the shop and purchasing the items to sell.

Our current overall leaders so far this half term are: Harry (Class 5), Louis (Year 9) and Leyla (Year 11). Well done everyone!

Science Week

The week beginning 11th March was British Science Week and saw the return of the famous Milton Spaghetti & Marshmallow challenge! All pupils were invited to take part either individually or in pairs and had to build a tower as tall as possible which was strong enough to hold a creme egg up for 10 seconds, but they were only allowed to use 50 strands of Dried Spaghetti and 8 large marshmallows to build the tower!

There were some great examples of pair work and also pupils encouraging other not to give up when their towers didn't quite last the full 10 seconds. In the end we chose the following winners: Jack from Canalside, Connor from Lower School, Harry from Middle School and Logan & Billy from Upper School.

Here is a photo from the Staff House Challenge event too!

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School Council

Hello from The School Council.

We represent the children of Milton School.

We had our first meeting in December 2018 and we have been working together to improve things in our school ever since.

So far we have got some new equipment for everyone to use at playtime to have fun with and to be more active. Also, we have put forward ideas for rewards to be used as part of our Epraise system.

You can recognise us by our red school council badges. We will keep you up to date with the things we are doing.

The School Council and Miss Elliker

Courtesy Week

This week has been Courtesy week at Milton to promote courtesy, good manners and respect throughout school. Pupils have been awarded points (via the Epraise system) for their efforts and the names were then entered for a raffle which was drawn in assembly on Friday 8th April. Congratulations to our winners and well done to everyone for their efforts!