Hairy Nosed Wombat

In Australia/Oceania/New Zealand


  • The male body size is 102 cm.
  • And the female's body size is 107 cm.
  • There body height is 40 cm.
  • The male's body wheight is 30kg.
  • The female's body weight is 32.5kg.
  • The female wombat can produce one young once a year.
  • The wombats mating season is in spring.



  • The Wombats lives in deep sandy soil which allows them to make huge complex burrow systems.
  • In each burrow system there is five to four wombats that live in the same burrow system.


Food Chain

  • The wombats eats various grasses.
  • The wombats predators are foxes, cyotoes and humans.



  • The wombats adaptations are that when they make their homes they make it where there is a big grass land area next to sandy area's
  • They also travel underground to get their food without get hunted by predators.
  • And if they don't travel underground they travel on land in a pack.


critical Info/Endangerment

  • The wombat can be saved if you donate $5 to the save the wombat foundation and that will help stop hunters killing wombats and relocate there destanation so that foxes and cyotoes won't kill them