By Lauren Ferris

Background information🇧🇸

The capital of The Bahamas is Nassau. Some major cities in this country are Freeport, South Riding Point and Matthew town.


This country was controlled by another country which was the UK. And yes, it did gain independence in 1973. So no, it is not still controlled by another country. Their official language is English. And their flag has blue and yellow stripes along with a black triangle.

Geographical info🗻

This county is a chain of islands at the North Atlantic Ocean. Some physical features are mountains, forest and they are surrounded by other islands.

Political info✔️

Their type of government was constitutional parliamentary democracy and common wealth realm. Also their leader is Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Economic info📊

The currency of this country is 9.231 billion. And the economic system is capitalism.

Tourists info🌺

People should visit because, it has a tropical marine temperature along with surrounding waters. I think tourists should go to see the beautiful clear waters on their many beaches. Also they have pink sands.


CIA World Factbook





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