Events Leading to the Civil War

By Logan Abraham

The Missouri Compromise

An effort by congress to defuse the sectional and political rivalries. Slavery became excluded from all new states in the Louisiana Purchase.

Happened in 1820.

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Wilmot Proviso

A law that banned slavery in any territories won from Mexico

Happened in 1848.

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Compromise of 1850

A series of resolutions on January 29,1850, in an attempt to seek a compromise and avert a crisis between North and South.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed each territory to decide the issue of slavery on the basis of popular sovereignty.

Happened in 1854.

Dred Scott V Sandford

In this ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that slaves were not citizens of the United States and, therefore, could not expect any protection from the Federal Government or the courts. The opinion also stated that Congress had no authority to ban slavery from a Federal territory.