Water Cycle Helper

BY: Annie Waite Kloe Ward

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There is something happening all the time whether you know it or not. That is the Water cycle. It goes through five different stages; evaporation, condensation, precipitation, filtration, and transpiration.

Evaporation is the heating of a liquid and it turning it into a gas. The water gets its heat source from the sun and rises up to the sky.

Condensation is the cooling of a gas and it turning back into a liquid. Once the heated gas reached a cool point in the atmosphere it cooled down to a liquid.

Precipitation is the falling of a liquid from the atmosphere. Once enough gas condensates, the cloud cant hold anymore weight so it releases the water into the atmosphere. (Also known as rain, snow, or hail)

Filtration is the absorbing of water into the soil and filtering it after precipitation. After rain falls, precipitation, the soil takes the water in and filters it through the soil.

Transpiration is the loosing of water through plants. After the lost of water it then evaporates and the cycle starts over from there.