Norfolk Junior High

By Dalton

Lemonade Tycoon

The game is how to sell lemonade to people. You can raise the price of how much you can sell it for. You can add how much ingredients you want for it. You can upgrade your stand to different things. If you play it, you will enjoy it. It is a really fun game.

Disaster Movie

This movie called the disaster movie Hannah Montana was in it and she got hit by a meteor and was still singing. Alvin and the chipmunks were in it to and they started eating the people. The disaster movie is a parady of other movies. If you watch it it will be rated PG-13. This girl was in the middle of the road and was complaining and she got hit by a car. This movie is a really funny movie to watch if you watch it you will enjoy it.

I would be against round year schooling because I won't be able to go with my dad and hang out with my friends I only see In the summer time. I also wouldn't get to have 3 months of sleeping in and staying up late. I also wouldn't be able to go to longpine, Nebraska every summer for the Fourth of July. That is my debating of all year round schooling.

The Dead Driver

There once was a race car driver named Josh Wolwoman and he crashed and died. His race car shop was in the Neather. When he died, they saw his race car driving around with no one in it. That's how he got the name Dead Driver.

My topic is about a video game which is Modern Warefare 3. Modern Warfare 3 is an awesome game to play. On Modern Warfare 3, they make the graphics as realistic as they can. On Kill Confirmed you can get four times the XP when you get your own Dog Tag if they don't pick it up. On Drop Zone you can get free Care Packages that have anything in it, but you have to be at the Drop Zone for a while to get it and the best Care Package you can get is the Juggernaut. In Drop Zone you can get over 5000 XP for getting kills and getting the Drop Zone and that is a lot of XP for a MW3 game. You can play three modes. In multiplayer there is split screen, private match, and multiplayer where you can play with other people online. The ACR 6.8 is the most overpowered gun in MW3 it only takes three shots to kill a person and with other guns it takes more. The ACR 6.8 won't kill a person in three shots if they have ballistic vests on. The ballistic vest is the best vest in the game. It protects you from getting killed by a machine gun or sniper rifle. In MW3 on 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 has the smallest maps on it, because if you have a big map people would be hiding everywhere so you wouldn’t find them. In 2v2 or 3v3 the Search and Destroy you can get more XP than in 6v6. The MP7 is the second best machine gun in the game because of the rapid fire it has. You can kill someone really fast. In conclusion I think Modern Warfare 3 is the best Call Of Duty they made.

A lazy lady laid on her leg when she saw a sour skunk that stunk, while she was at the Miami Beach. She wanted to go there to relax and see the waves rush on the shore, kids playing in the sand, and the view of the ocean. Then a skunk came along and ruined her bright day and turned it into a gloomy day!

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