Cardinal Counseling Connection

October 2021


Mindful Breathing

Students have been practicing an important self regulating tool - mindful breathing. Students have learned that they can help their bodies become regulated by using mindful breathing. Before each guidance lesson, students have the opportunity to practice mindful breathing. So far the students have learned how to breathe in through their nose, out through their mouth, smell the flower/blow out the candle, fist squeezes, pretzel hugs and sunshine arms & ocean breath. Ask your child what's their favorite way to breathe. They can also tell you about the benefits of mindful breathing and how it helps to calm their brain.


Students have been learning how to communicate their feelings with the help of Kimochis. Kimochi means "feelings" in Japanese, the students have been using these small feeling faces to learn how to handle big emotions. Students have learned to use I- statements to share their feelings with others. They have learned to express how they feel and what they need in different situations. Using I-statements help students to process their feelings and gain a sense of empowerment in difficult situations. When students are able to understand and share their feelings they are happier problem solvers. Ask your child about Kimochis.

Kelso's Choices

Kelso the frog is the smartest problem solving frog in the pond. Students have been learning how they can be problem solvers by using Kelso's 9 choices. Small problems can happen anywhere and students learn they are strong enough and smart enough to handle small problems. Kelso teaches students that BIG problems also happen and students need to report those to an adult right away. NWC Cardinals are problem solvers. Ask your child about using Kelso's choices.

The following are ways Kelso encourages children to solve their small problems:

*Go to another game

*Talk it out
*Share and take turns

*Ignore it

*Walk away
*Tell them to stop

*Make a Deal
*Wait and Cool Off

For BIG problems, Kelso encourages children to ask an adult they trust for help.

NISD Decision of Respect

October 8, 2021 is NISD's Decision of Respect day. NWC students have been learning about respect in guidance lessons. They have learned the definition provided by Character Counts, and have had the opportunity to learn what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like. Students were also encouraged to sign NISD's Decision of respect stating that they support the following:

*I will use behavior that shows that I care about myself, my classmates and my school.

*I will do my part to prevent bullying and cyber-bullying by:

  • staying away from situations that involve teasing, hurtful words and actions.
  • helping include others that may feel left out.
  • treating everyone with respect and kindness.
  • caring about and appreciating others who are different.

* I will talk to a trusted adult about bullying, cyberbullying, or if I am worried about myself or someone else. Trusted adults I can go for help: teacher-bus driver-counselor-principal-nurse-parent/guardian-Learning Tree staff- other...

By signing their name, students are showing they are making a decision to show respect. Parents are also encouraged to sign NISD's Decision of Respect. If you would like to be a partner in supporting a respectful and bully-free school and community; you can print the picture below and fill it out.

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Red Ribbon Week

October 25-29

October 25-29 NISD will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week! Students will hear daily announcements regarding healthy lifestyles and the importance of strong character, they will also hear these same messages reinforced in guidance classes. A flyer will be sent home with your student closer to RRW. The following is a schedule of the dress-up opportunities your child will be able to participate in:
Wear Red on Monday to kick off Red Ribbon Week! NWC Cardinals will live a drug FREE life! Students can wear their Red NWC spirit shirt or any red clothes to kick off Red Ribbon Week!
Dress in your Disney clothes on Tuesday! NWC the Most MAGICAL Place to Be! RRW is about living a magical life. Students can wear their Disney gear and show they will live a MAGICAL life!
On Wednesday wear Hawaiian clothes! NWC students Lei off drugs and live drug FREE! RRW is all about making healthy choices. Students can wear Hawaiian clothes and show we LAY off drugs with our NWC Lei!
ORANGE you glad you make healthy choices? We're not scared to make healthy choices! On Thursday we will wear orange and black or Halloween shirts and say BOOOO to drugs!
Wear Your college shirts on Friday! NWC students dream big! We won't let drugs get in the way of our goals. We will wear college gear and show just how big our dreams are!

Small Groups Have Started

At NWC Elementary students are offered two types of small group counseling. The first type is developmental. These groups address developmental topics such as social skills, time management, organizational skills, and other skills to help students succeed in school.

The second type of small group counseling offered is specific to a special concern or need. These groups are offered to students who share a common concern. Topics include, but are not limited to family changes, military deployment, managing feelings, adjusting to grief or loss, friendship and building self-confidence.

Students can be referred for small group or individual counseling by parents, teachers, counselors, administrators or through self-referral. Students will not be seen individually or in a small counseling group without the written permission of a parent or guardian. All meetings with the school counselor are confidential. Contact me if you have any questions about small group.

NISD Threads

NISD Threads closet serves every campus and family in the district that needs clothing support. Families have the opportunity to “shop” twice a year from clothes that have been donated from other NISD families! Please contact Mrs. Pena, NWC's professional school counselor, for a referral form if you are in need of clothing assistance.

Helpful links

Here are some websites you might find helpful. They include resources for discipline, student safety, school success, kid's health, and other materials you might find useful. Please call or email anytime you or your child need help.

KLRN Healthy Kids Project

KLRN’s Healthy Kids Project supports healthy lifestyles by influencing eating decisions and physical activities. Through project resources, the audience is introduced to songs, live action movement, animation, and a cast of “perfectly imperfect” characters to deliver key messaging that contrasts healthy choices and attitudes with unhealthy behaviors. Visit this site for some great information.

NISD Offering Online Tutoring

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Contact Information

Arcelia Pena
NISD Professional School Counselor

Northwest Crossing Elementary School

Grades PK - 5th, ALE, BMC & RISE

(210) 397- 0600