LRMS: Week at a Glance

May 16-20, 2016

Sayings from Skinner

Dear Radloff Raiders -- And here we are at the last full week with students for the year. We have had quite a journey this year, and it is truly time to finish strong. Let's all pull together and help our kids do their very best the final days to have them make the most of this year of schooling. This is also a week where there will be a lot of celebrations -- so try to enjoy each of these moments -- because they are yours as much as they are the kids'! Thanks for great participation in ALL our events over the past two weeks -- and I know there's a lot left to go! I appreciate the Raider energy you have each brought to your work, our students, and our community this year -- y'all rock!!.

As we work through all the final processes, I know there is a ton to keep up with -- reach out if you need any help -- we want everyone to end the year with as much calm as we can muster! Have a fantastic week -- and keep smiling. The end is definitely in sight!


News You Can Use


1) Year-end Paperwork

  • Missing/Have lost a form that you need for year-end -- -see Wendy!
  • Team Year-End Plan Proposal Forms (for activities on Wed, 5/25) is due to AP by Friday, May 20
  • HR teachers -- turn in your "DRAFT" Sum. School/Retention list to Brian Howe by Friday, May 20
  • If your own children are participating in "Camp Radloff" on May 27 -- make sure you submit the reservation form to Lisa Wells by Monday, May 23

2) Emails

Read emails twice each day until the end (and keep your sent box and trash cleared out) -- important info. is being emailed out as quickly as we receive it!

3) Next Year -- Activities and Athletics -- email Rasheedra Nelson if interested/willing to help out!

-- Still need some help on the Advisement Team for next year

--Still seeking a STEP Team Coach

--Still seeking a BETA Club Sponsor

--Still seeking a Reader's Rally Sponsor

4) Testing Environment/Schedule Reminders

*Please help all students stay mindful that high stakes tests (EOCs and DAs and SPGs) are going on across the building -- we need to keep silent during transitions, and try to keep students "in check" during lunches

*Monday -- 6th and 7th grade will "flip" schedules to accommodate 6th grade Honors ceremony (grab-n-go lunches)

*Tuesday -- regular schedule - 7th grade Honors Ceremony; locker clean-out for ALL during HR -- last day for backpacks (grab-n-go lunches)

*Wednesday -- final Advisement -- DA Post-tests begin

*Thursday -- DA Post-tests (8th grade Honors Ceremony at 6 p.m. at MHS)

*Friday -- faculty mtg. at 8:15 a.m. --- Field Day -- follow schedule (grab-n-go lunches)

*Saturday -- 8th grade/GUFG Dance -- come and join us at Radloff!! -- Starts at 6 p.m.

5) Updated Promotion Requirements

HR teachers should photocopy the updated promotion requirements and send home with students M or T (recommended to make two copies to send home, requesting that parents send one back with a signature

6) Summer Reading and Summer Math Work

Radloff Reads and Radloff's Math Galaxy will be premiered this week -- this is summer work that EVERY student at Radloff will be expected to do over the summer. Students will be required to each read three books, and this will be assessed by the LA teachers when the students return in August. (Details will be provided in a handout to students, which will also be send home in report cards -- and it will be placed on the school's website.) The Math Galaxy work will be available via the students' eClass pages -- it will need to be completed as students return in the fall. MA teachers will be in charge of how the assignments are graded. (Again, details will be provided via a handout and on the school's website.)

7) Summer Info. for Staff:

*Details of summer meetings and local staff developments are now on the Radloff School Calendar -- check those dates, so you know what's happening this summer and when you'll want/need to be on campus!!

*Don't forget to sign up for the Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) held at the ISC on June 16-17!! Sign up via PD&E.

*Summer School -- registration is Monday, June 6 --- Summer School begins Tuesday, June 7 and ends Thursday, June 30.

Week at a Glance: