50 Life goals

By Angel Chavez

50 Goals

1. Get straight A's thought out school

2. Complete high school and get my diploma

3. Become a Lawyer

4. Play soccer until I'm 18 or keep on going on

5. Keeping on playing select soccer

7. Play football until 10th grade

8. going skydiving

9. go hand gliding

10. Go camping in the wilderness

11. Go to Brazil

12. Go to a resort

13. Get a driver's license

14. go to the great salt lake

15. go in a helicopter

16. Go to the UK

17. go to a beach

18. go to Austin

19. go zip-lining

20. go to Mexico and see my family

21. I want to live in north Richland hills

22. Go to Schlitterbohn

23. Go to hurricane harbor

24. learn French

25. See a lunar eclipse

26. Go to see the Grand Canyon

27. Go scuba diving off the Great barrier reef

28. run in a marathon

29. complete college

30. go skiing

31. Do a big deed (like giving money to charity)

32. See the northern skies

33. go swimming with marine life

34. conquer my biggest fear

35. go on a picnic in the park

36. fly in first class

37. visit a volcano

38. go on a cruise

39. ride an elephant

40. go on an African safari

41.go to la tomatina

42. go Bugee jumping

43. ride a camel in Egypt

44. "unplug" for 48 hours

45. learn how to surf

46. walk barefoot in the rain

47. make a difference in someone's life

48. see great wall of china

49. go paint balling

50. experience weightlessness

Top 5 Goals

5. Keep on playing soccer till I'm 18 or older

, and I think I' am going to do that by just getting better and jus keep on progressing while I get older.

4. Complete high school and get my diploma. I plan on doing that by getting good grades and getting all 26 credits.

3.Complete college, first of all I have to complete high school. But after high school I think I will stay in college for about 3-4 years, and while in College I will spend most of my time studying, doing homework, basically I'll be focused on my work.

2. Go to Mexico and see my family, the last time I saw my family in Mexico was when I was 5 years old. So I haven't seen m relatives in 8 years, and what I think I'll do is when I'm 20-30 I'll get my passport and I'll get their by car even since it will most likely take a day so.

1. Become a Doctor or a Lawyer, I want to become a or a Lawyer because the job makes a lot of money. But lets say I became a Lawyer I wouldn't be scared of speaking in front of a crowd of people and say everything correctly, and practice in some places.