Chisholm Ridge Wranglers Weekly

September 18-22

CRES Mission Statement

Wrangler pride is working together to reach our goals in learning and life.

Life Principle of the Week: Justice

Justice- being fair and upholding what is right. " The ones that you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you." Author unknown. Continue to bring coins and/or gift cards for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The last day for collection is September 25.

This Week at The Ridge

Monday: College shirts with jeans. Wear college shirt with jeans. Staff Meeting @ 3:00.

Tuesday: Regular Schedule, PLC Meetings in room A17. This room will be our place to hang regular data reviews, norms, progress monitoring, and celebrations. Please plan on meeting here grades K-3, reading for grades 4 and 5.

Wednesday: Regular Schedule

Thursday: Regular Schedule, 4th Grade ELAR CLC, Off campus collaboration at Chuy's @3:30.

Friday: Wrangler Round-Up, please send representative to set up gym by 7:00. Wear your CRES shirt with jeans.

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Teacher To Do List:

  1. Write Class Mission Statement and post in classroom. Follow protocol campus followed to write Campus Mission Statement. Mission Statements posted by September 18.
  2. Check your hallway bulletin boards-- Is the student work current? Does it show evidence of higher level thinking? Remember that evidence of thinking is better than pretty!
  3. T-TESS Goals due in Strive by September 29. Make sure they are entered in the Evaluation tab of Strive, NOT under Goals.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 18: Classroom Mission Statement posted.

Sept. 26: 3rd, 4th to Science CLC,

Sept. 27: 1st, 2nd to Science CLC.

Sept. 28: 5th to Science CLC, WATCH DOGS Pizza Night @ 6:00.

Sept. 29: All Goal-Setting conferences complete, KDG to Math, Science CLC

Sept. 30: End of 2nd Three Weeks/ 9 Weeks.

Oct. 3- Fall Pictures

Oct. 5: Vision/ Hearing Screening for grades K, 1, 3, 5.

Oct. 6: Big Kahuna Kick-Off

Oct. 9/10: Staff Development, Student Holiday

Oct. 12: Employee Flu Shots

Oct. 23- 27: Red Ribbon Week; Ranger Captain Assembly on Oct. 26 at 8:00 in gym.

Oct. 27: Fall Festival and Movie Night

Shout Outs!

From Jackie Troutz- Big Thank you to the Kindergarten team for helping Mrs. Gilmer this week during the unexpected absence!

From Rachel Gohlke- Thank you to my team for stepping in with lesson plans, support, and prayers during a scary time! (transcribed)

September Birthdays

9/3: Kourtney Ricks

9/5: Allison Macevicius

9/7: Jaime De La Ossa

9/8: Kim Beutel

Walk-Through Look-Fors

  • Learning Targets visible and include "by ______" statement.
  • Students are able to verbalize what they are learning
  • Class and Campus Mission statement posted.