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By Shannon Casey and Valerie Depa

Breaking News! Persephone Kidnapped! BY: Shannon

Peresephone, the goddess of spring and flowers, has been kidnapped! Demeter is heart broken and not growing anything! The only suspect in this crime is Hades the lord of the dead. The story is, Persephone was out picking flowers with her "friends" and Hades kidnapped the poor goddess and took her to the underworld. Demeter searched for Peresephone for ten days. Hermes (our publisher) went down to save Peresephone from Hades, but she now has to stay with him for six months. Demeter refuses to grow anything for those six months

-Shannon Casey

Interview With Persephone

By Valerie

Reporters: Valerie and Shannon

hemes:I heard that you have very similar symbols.

P:Yes mine is a flower.

d: Mine is grain and we are both nature.

h: tell me about the time you got kidnaped by hates .

p: Well I was going down to pick a flower with my friends for my mom and hates grabbed me and I was so scared and my friends were scared too and ran away.

h: That is so scary so what happened in the underworld did you see people die or did you eat anything?

p: No, he was kind of nice to me since he wanted me to be his wife. I did eat a pomegranate

H:How do you feel when your daughter was taken down to the underworld and how did you know?

d: well I was very sad and i did not know if she would come back I knew that she was in trouble when I heard her screams and then her friends told me that she was taken by hates.

h:so persephone when you ate the pomegranate seed did you know you had to go back there again

p: no, you are saying that i need to come back again .

d thanks a lot hermes .

P: mom why did you not tell me this befor and why did you not tell me this befor ?

H: well your mom told me that she did not want to tell you that you would be scared and would try to make a plan and that would have to leave me is that true

D:yes indeed

p:I would have done the same thing if i were you and that was you daughter.

H: so what did you do wall she was down did you try to help or do nothing.

d:when she was gone I was moping around and then I realised that that would not help.

h: so what did you do

d: I am getting to that hold on

h:sorry I got into it

d:anyway so I went to zeus because he told me to come see him and he said that I need to keep growing stuff and he would continue to keep looking for your daughter.

d:I was sad and when I found you I was really happy and we had a big feast .

h:hey I wasn't invited

h:Is that why it is winter and fall is when persephone goes down again


d:but we spend the most time with each other all spring and summer.

p:mom but why do we live in separate homes and i never see …

D;WELL that's all and we are so close now closer than ever.

H: well there you hear it from persephone and demeter himself se you next time on the daly news I am hermes and have a sparkling day .

Reporter: Hermes


Interviews By Valerie

p= Persephone



Jennifer Compared To Persephone

By: Valerie

She is like Demeter not like Persephone and she is crazy and she can be a bit crazy when her daughter was in the underworld she stopped growing food she shouldn’t of thought of her self and people probably died. Jennifer did not do that but she did make a mistake is that she made bad choices when she was older like she kicked Josh Hutchinson.

Family Tree By: Shannon

Peresphone Search Party By: Shannon

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