Patrick Kane


Patrick Kane is a 4 time All-Star, NHL player with 3 Stanley Cups and 1 Conn Smythe for MVP of the playoffs. He received a contract extension for 8 more years with the Chicago Blackhawks for 10.5 million dollars a year. Kane is a very creative player and he is known for his smooth stick handling. Even though Kane is a huge star he has his ups and downs outside of hockey.
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Kane is very talented but he does have his downside. While he is known for his stick handling he has weak defensive skills. Although many people like Kane there are also many people that believe he has poor defensive play. Another thing that some do not like Kane for is his checking. Kane at only 5' 10" 180 lbs does not like to use his body to knock his opponents off of the puck.


With Kane being so popular in the NHL and his fans he will have many opportunities down the road. There is no question that the Blackhawks will be in the race for the Stanley Cup in the next decade while Kane and Jonathan Toews are still on the Blackhawks. If the Blackhawks win another Stanley Cup, Kane has a good chance at winning another Conn Smythe (MVP). There was talk that if the Blackhawks continue to succeed with the leadership of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews they will have a good chance at earning a statue in front of the United Center along with Blackhawks legends Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull.
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Kane has been involved with the law twice while in the NHL. In 2009, Kane was charge with second degree robbery and fourth degree criminal mischief. In August of 2015, Kane was accused of raping a woman after leaving a bar in Buffalo, New York which happens to be Kane's hometown. Although, Kane was accused of rape he has not been distracted from hockey because he already has 6 points in 4 games in the 2015-2016 season.


All in all, Kane is a very good hockey player but over the years he has gotten into some trouble with the law. If Kane focused on hockey and being a quiet leader he would not get into so much trouble.


Kane doesn't have a specific logo to his name but he helps hockey brands get their products out there. Kane is one of the main players in the NHL that uses the Bauer Vapor stick and skates. Kane also is known for being one of the top USA hockey stars and there are many products sold with Kane's name on them between the Blackhawks, Bauer, and USA Hockey.
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