Quarterly Library Report

What's happening at Westpark Elementary School Library?

This spring....

The library has had a busy spring with RIFs, Accelerated Reader parties, Millionaire breakfast and pizza luncheons and lots of student centered activities. Since March 2nd, there have been 4,305 drop in patrons at the library, cumlatively there have been over 8,000 book circulations between those patrons and their teachers. I've taught over 200 classes with book talks, skill lessons, research and computer coding this quarter.

Campus Involvement

What do I do every day?

I love the many facets of my job which include AR administration, Book Fair Coordinator, Spelling Bee Coordinator, UIL coach for Oral Reading, CERC Representative, DERC Representative, SBDM member, PTA teacher representative, iPad circulation control, Learning Ally site administrator, RIF Coordinator, RenPlace Site Administrator, TELPAS verifier and Fontas and Pinnell administrator.

Collection Stats....what's new? what's old?

NEW BOOKS This year I've added over 500 new books to our collection from Scholastic, Bound to Stay Bound, Follett, Texas Librarian Association giveaways and a few additions of new releases from FWISD's professional library. In total since last June, I've purchased $6,247 in books using Scholastic book fair profits, Nissan challenge fund, PTA funds and Westpark book budget.

OLD BOOKS I've weeded over 1,000 books from the library collection reducing the average age of a book in our collection from 20 years old down to 18 years old. This is a continuing effort to raise the standard of our collection to a more acceptable level. Over this summer FWISD will add many new Follett Shelf ebooks to our collection which teachers and students can read online or on the promethean board. Additionally, we will receive $2,700 in new nonfiction books purchased with Follett "credits". (The district received a grant for Title One schools to decrease the age of their nonfiction collections, based on this large outlay of funds...Library Media was able to extend the same opportunity to the few non Title One schools. Bonus!)

KEEPING TRACK I completly inventoried the library's collection, 10,218 titles are on the shelf.