Hi! I have LOVED my last 4 years with Insight School of Washington, and I want to share some exciting news. I'm moving to a different position with K12, working with BOTH our Washington State schools!!! I'm the new Local Development Manager for Washington State.

This means I have to give up some of the school-specific things that I love. Soon, you'll have someone new putting together your Eagle Times newsletter and holding Lifeline sessions in Class Connect. Someone new will also be the main event planner for Commencement and Prom.

I will miss talking with you! Thank you for everything!!!

Kendra Blythin
Former Family Engagement Coordinator, ISWA
New Local Development Manager, K12

In Eagle Times this week...

  • ISWA website link
  • Artwork by Ash Robinson
  • Ribbon Club Information
  • Artwork by Citali Maldonado
  • Eagle Times Newsletter contributor link
  • Artwork by Katherine Martin
  • Photograph by Nadia Guy-Okonji
  • Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY RSVP (Class of 2016)
  • National Honor Society (NHS) Information
  • NHS First Friday Invitation (March 4th)
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Ribbon Club is a club that focuses on making a difference and connecting with other students. We help the community and volunteer our time for a greater good.

Ribbon Club meets every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Class Connect! Stop by on March 15th and learn more!

I'm looking forward to talking with you then!

-Marisa Recker

(Ribbon Club Artwork by Citali Maldonado)
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Are you an artist? Do you write song lyrics? Do you paint, draw, or take photographs? Are you a gifted writer? We need your creativity!

To share your ideas and interest, CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/2015ISWANEWSLETTER!

Or email us directly at info@k12insightwa.org!


  • · Counselor Assemblies: STUDENTS! Attend any and all of the following Class Connect sessions!!!

o March 10th 1pm: “Testing Anxiety”

o March 17th 1pm: “Planning For Your Future…And Paying For It” (includes options after high school as well as scholarships and financial aid)

o March 21st 1pm: “Planning For Your Future…And Paying For It” (repeat of March 17th)

  • · We are working through our senior lists and completing credit checks. Please watch for senior letters in the notes section of TV. Kmails are being sent to students who are on track to graduate in June.

  • State testing is a little confusing so here is a quick reminder of who will be taking tests by grade level:

o 9th Grade - Most 9th grade students will not test this year. The only testing that will happen is if a 9th grader is enrolled in Biology. They will be assigned the Biology End of Course Exam in May.

o 10th Grade – All 10th grade students will take the 10th Grade ELA Exit Exam. 10th Graders will also be taking the Math EOC and Biology EOC unless they passed the exam as a 9th grader.

o 11th Grade – All 11th grade students will be taking the SBA ELA and SBA Math exam regardless of meeting previous testing requirements such as the HSPE or EOC exams. They will also be assigned the Math EOC and Biology EOC if they have not passed it previously.

o 12th Grade – 12th grade students will be assigned make up exams for Math and HSPE if they have not passed it in prior years. They will also be assigned the SBA Math and ELA exams if they have not passed a HSPE or EOC. The SBA exams can be used for graduation requirements so this will give them an extra opportunity to pass.

  • · Just a quick reminder of the counselor break down of students:

Stacey Marshall, A-D

Mari Bisson, E-K

Julie Powers, L-Rh

Lisa Humphries, Ri-Z

Kay Bloomdahl, Special Education

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(Photograph to the left by Nadia Guy-Okonji)


We are working really hard to put together an amazing yearbook, but we need your help. We have several pages that just don’t have enough photos.

If you're involved in a K12 National CLUB, will you please upload pictures showing your involvement or creations?

If you are in National Honor Society, can you please submit a photo of yourself? Make sure to identify that you are in NHS, too, please.

We also need photos of your pets, you in Seahawks gear, and any artwork or photography.

How to Upload Photos

Go to replayit.com to submit your photos. You can also watch this video and Athena will show you how simple it is to upload your photos: http://bit.ly/1IRj2Cr

Purchase Your Yearbook!

Want to own a copy of the 2015-2016 Insight School of Washington yearbook? Place your order today! In June, it will be mailed to you. http://bit.ly/1n4PQ11

Follow us on Social Media

Twitter: ISWAyearbook

Instagram: iswayearbook


Insight School of Washington 2016 Prom will be held at Bellevue College on Saturday, June 18th, starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm

Bellevue College Address:
Student Union, Building C

3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

  • Our 2016 Prom theme and decorations will be chosen by our Prom Committee

  • ALL Insight School of Washington students (all grade levels) are invited to attend Prom!

  • A Prom RSVP form will be KMailed in March

  • Prom is FREE for all Insight School of Washington students and one non-student guest

  • Every ISWA student may bring one (1) guest

o A Guest Pass form will be available in March

o Every guest must provide a guest pass, signed by their school administrator

o If you would like to bring a guest over the age of 20, you must receive permission from Principal Hammond

  • Dress code is semi-formal

o semi-formal or formal gowns

o semi-formal or formal suits with button-up shirts (ties and jackets are encouraged)

  • We will have a room set up on-site for parents/guardians/drivers who want to stay close while students enjoy Prom

  • Our professional photographer for Prom is Olympic Photo Group: http://www.olympicphotogroup.com/schools

o Students will be able to purchase photo packages directly from the photographer

o Photo package information will be KMailed in March

  • We will have a photo booth, a professional DJ, dance lights, and light snacks and beverages
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Insight School of Washington COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY

Saturday, June 18th, 1pm

3000 Landerholm Circle Southeast

Bellevue, WA

All Seniors graduating in June 2016 and those who meet graduation requirements in January 2016 are encouraged to attend and be a part of our graduation event. The entire student body along with faculty, friends and family are invited to join us. There is no fee to attend, and graduates are not required to attend.


The ISWA Chapter of the National Honor Society is looking for new members! If you have completed at least one semester at Insight, are in grades 10-12, AND have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, we would love to have you join us!!

We meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in Class Connect!

Please Kmail Teacher Darice Bales for a Candidate Information Packet. Thank you!!!

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