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All Hands on (Pear) Deck's New Teacher Dashboard

As you may know, Lake Park recently subscribed to the full version of Pear Deck (Thank you, Joe and the LIT team!). If you have not used Pear Deck before, it is definitely a program we highly recommend and love using in classes.

Pear Deck allows students to participate actively in your slide presentations in multiple response formats and the teacher can display student answers on the projector screen. The teacher dashboard is new and incredibly useful. To access it, you sign into your presentation on a second device (just go to www.peardeck.com/dash while your presenting on the screen). From the dashboard, you can control the presentation. You can also view live student responses as they work with each student’s name next to the response rather than anonymously (as projected). From the dashboard, it is possible to select only certain responses to show on the screen rather than all. You can even see how your students are feeling based on the mood icon they selected at sign-on.

If you are planning a lesson using Pear Deck and/or the Teacher Dashboard and could use a hand, let one of us know and we’d be glad to help out!


A Close-Knit Community: SEL, Service, and the Library

You may have noticed that throughout the year the library has been collecting items for service projects. Creating an environment of helping one another is a way of making the Lancer Effect a reality and shows students the impact the gift of their time can have on others. Students have been able to participate in various projects in the library including making:

  • sleeping mats out of plastic bags.

  • dog toys out of t-shirts.

  • comfort scarves/blankets for hospice patients or blanket squares for Warm Up America.

Out of the comfort scarves/blankets club, the “Too Legit to Knit (and Crochet)” group was born. From it, Lancers have learned new skills of knitting and crocheting. Students have reported that learning this skill has helped reduce their stress level and has created camaraderie, as well as developed new skills. Those that already know these skills have a group to work with during their lunch hour. All staff and students are welcome to join the group during lunch hours on Thursdays in the West Campus Library. (Though the 7th hour group meets nearly every day!) You do not need to know how to knit or crochet in order to join us- we’re happy to show you how!

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