3rd grade news!

September in a nutshell

Making real world connections

It has been a very eventful couple of months in 3rd primary! The girls have met with 2 visitors to help us gain perspective of life in the military. This has helped them to make a connection to the novel the girls have just finished, Piper Reed Clubhouse Queen and their summer reading book, Piper Reed Navy Brat.
One visitor, Petty Officer Schwab, is an OS1 for the United States Coast Guard. He spoke of his duty at the command center in New Orleans and discussed his uniform, especially his "ribbons," which he earned for his accomplishments during his past 14 years of service. The girls then returned to their classrooms to create their own ribbons based on their accomplishments!
Another visitor was the mother of one of the girls in 3rd grade. Her father was in the Air Force, and she frequently had to be relocated like Piper Reed! With her insight on being a child of a military father, we were able to make a connection to Piper Reed and her sisters!

Rotations, rotations, rotations

In the afternoons, the girls get to visit the other classrooms as they learn 3 skills throughout the week. The girls are learning writing skills during this time (like Author's purpose or brainstorming skills), reading comprehension skills (like summary skills: somebody wanted but so) and various facts about Louisiana history (right now they are learning about the geography of Louisiana and landforms). The girls travel to the classrooms and receive information, which they store in their blue folders.
So far, some finished products include, a flip book of various geographical figures, a story about their favorite season, and a fold-able reminding them of the proper way to summarize. The fold-able has proven to be useful, as we have seen a drastic improvement in nightly reading log summaries!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: The Math Addition

There has proven to be some difficulty with ball-park estimations and partial-sum algorithms. Attached are some note sheets to revisit these concepts.Please see the note pictures below.
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