By:Zion Neat

Abiotic factors






Biotic factors

-polar bear

-arctic fox

-arctic wolf


-arctic bunny

How humans help

-create a conservation group to help conserve tundra environment and animals

-some people stop littering to keep tundra from being polluted

How humans harm

-littering causing pollution in tundra killing off animals

-humans create oil spills creating oxygen pollution

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Tundra Life

Life in the tundra is very tough for many animals. Some animals have a hard time protecting themselves and trying to find food at the same time including the arctic bunny. Tundra temperatures can get as low as -94 degrees.❄️Tundra wins can reach up to 60mph. Vegetation in the tundra includes drawf shrubs, sedges, mosses, and lichens. Tundra is a tough place to live.