homeless kids beaten for treasure


Don't be shy

In the book Trash by Andy Mulligan the kids ran away from the cops instead of explaining to them what had happened. Thats when the cops thought they were up to something and chased after them. Well that didn't end to well because after they ran two miles literally "As I looked at the sign I realized that we ran 2 miles" they were beaten for lying and making the cops run after them for no reason "As I stared at the cops approaching with their sticks I knew that something bad was going to happen."

This book is fast paced an full of adventure

full of suspense

The main characters are Raphael, Gardo, Jun, Pia. Raphael is brave, Gardo is the smart one, Jun is the expert on everything, and Pia has quick reflexes but is extremely shy. This book is basically about these friends/family members trying to hide something the found in trash that is extremely valuable. They live in the third world country and the cops a have put up a reward for it.