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Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Missouri School Readiness Definition:

School Readiness is a combination of readiness among children, families, schools and communities:

  • For children, school readiness means being prepared in key dimensions of early learning and development (social and emotional, language and literacy, cognitive, motor, health and physical well-being, and positive attitudes and behaviors toward learning.)
  • For families, it means an understanding of their children's current level of development and understanding of the school system their children will enter.
  • For schools, it means providing a welcoming and accepting environment for all children and having professional educators who consistently advance student growth and achievement while working in partnership with families.
  • For communities, it means supporting schools, families and valuing the critical role of early learning.

School Readiness conversation

I wanted to share the DESE definition of "School Ready" with you, we will visit the above information more deeply in a future staff mtg.

Until then, I would love for you to take a moment to read and possibly reflect with a fellow staff member.

  • What are your thoughts regarding the inclusion of "positive attitudes and behaviors toward learning" in the definition

  • What are your thoughts about "working in partnership with families"? How well do you really do at this, do you check the boxes? Or do you go more deeply?

Again, just a little brain tickle before we dive into some Mission/Vision/Beliefs work in the near future!

Thankful for: A beautiful fall sunrise over our school this week

Big picture

To touch or not to touch: a thoughtful quiz...

When you have a kiddo that you are working with that is:

swiping toys off of shelves

falling to the ground in a safe place

not staying at circle

running around the room/house

Should you intervene physically?

Are they a danger to themselves or others?

If the answer is no, hands off, be patient and wait it out!!

Next Question:

Did you tell them what you want them to do? Not ask, clear, use visuals if necessary, use a firm voice if necessary. Please make sure that your practice is to give children clear simple directions that you want them to follow. They might need to hear them several times, but please give them the chance to be successful by providing this step for them.

Picture Day Mandatory Pictures November 4th

A little reminder that the district is requiring new pictures of staff this year. Please plan to be here (satellites at their buildings) on November 4th to get your picture taken.

7:30-11:30 pictures and 12:00-3:45

Let's talk about Play: Much of a child's day involves play, are you intentional in planning for learning?

American Association for the Child's Right to Play (IPA, USA affiliate)

Helpful Websites from

American Association for the Child’s Right to Play (IPA/USA)- United States affiliate to IPA. Promotes, preserves, and protects each child’s right to play. Advocates and resource for recess, after school play, community playdays, special needs population, obesity, playwork, playground design, and more.

The Bubblesphere- Everything you want to know about bubbles, including games, and bubble solution recipes.

35 Games Kids Play- Playground games, jump rope rhymes, international games, historic implications.

International Play Association (IPA) - Parent organization with over 40 national affiliates supporting Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Play is promoted as a fundamental human right.

National Association for Playground Safety (NPPS)- Public resource for the latest information on playground safety and injury prevention and provides on-line training.

National Wildlife Foundation- Outdoor activities, classroom ideas, nature magazines starting at age one.

Loose Parts Play

Fun Science Gallery- Historic games, toys, how to make your own, drawings, play. Includes other countries.

The Freechild Project- Resource and advocacy group promoting young people and social change. Educator link with downloadable cooperative games booklet. World Play- Educating children about worldwide cultures, traditions, lifestyles through handmade toys created by children.

The Activity Place- Over 2,000 activity ideas for those who work with young children. Themed party ideas, props, and activities for all ages.

Family TLC- Comprehensive listing of activities, games. sports, crafts. science and articles geared toward infants through teens.

Fun-Attic, Inc.- Extensive game list including products and adaptations for special need population.

Fun and A UK based site providing resources, games, activities, and ideas for all age levels.

Legends & Lore, Inc.- Puppet resource center for props and play. Shares puppet tips, tricks, and stories. Games, photos, stories of street play throughout the world.

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers- Great games for those who want to integrate physical education with other subject areas.

Our Week is subject to change, but here is a rough outline

Monday - Jeanie and Kerry here (SAY WHAT???)

Tuesday - Both at Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday - Both at Pumpkin Patch, Kerry here 10:30-12:00 for Park Hill tour/talk

Thursday - Both here

Friday - Jeanie here for ASIRT, Kerry at MSHA conference presenting with Jennifer/Melissa