New Years Breakfast Assingments

Please bring enough to to feed at least 100 people. If you see a leader who is not listed, you can ask them to bring things to contribute. Please don't ask the new members lets serve them and welcome them into our ministry.

A wise man said: HKJM Leadership Conference 2015 excerpt:

"Servant Leader is a Love Slave! One who devotes and disregard his or her own interest, consecrated for God's purpose!" Apostle Charles Daniels


Min Shameka Upshaw and Sis Jessica Cole

Drink (Hot & Cold) Dec & Min Carter/ Min C & S Upshaw

Water, OJ, Cranberry, Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow

Coffee, Asst. Tea, Apple Juice

Waffle & Pancake w/toppings Elder & Proph Washington Min & Sis Bullard

Asst. Fruit Elder & Min Hayes/ Proph Jackson

Pasties & Danish Dec & Min Johnson/ Proph Prince

Omelet and Egg Station Singles: Jolly, Bro Jim, Sis Cole

Sis Shannon, Dec Lockhart, Sis Roxanne

Breakfast Meat: Pork or Beef & Turkey Elder & Dec Williams/ Dec & Bro Russell