Team DaSilva Spring Newsletter

Woohoo on a great May!

Who loved the outlet sale??? Me Me!! I love when home office drops extra sales into our pockets.

Team size 17

Total Team Sales $7484.20

My personal sales $5199.96

Sales over $500

$5199.96 Sarah DaSilva

$678.12 Zin Ponce

$559.86 Valorie Tafoya

Party ladies!

Valerie Tafoya

Zin Ponce

Denise Obtinario

Doreen Grose

April Team Stats

Total Team Sales $4245.00

My personal sales 1414.00

Over $500

Sarah DaSilva $1414.00

Whitney Proctor $705.00

Megan Sherwood $489 (so close so I rounded up)

Party ladies

Angie Mackovich

Megan Sherwood

Denise Obtinario

Elicia Yon

Becca Brown

Whitney Proctor

Tiffany Ames

MArch Team Stats

Team Sales $5823

My personal sales $2975.00

OVER $500

Sarah DaSilva-$2975.00

Denise Obtinario-$779.50

Party ladies for March

Angie Mackovich-Reyes

Megan Sherwood

Denise Obtinario

Rachel Brown

Zin Ponce


HI ladies! Many of you know I recently added Realtor as my job, so things are a little crazier than normal. I have been really busy which is a blessing. But I want you to know that Thirty-One is still a huge priority. I actually had my highest sales ever this month with Thirty-One. I am just learning to juggle both I am always here if you need support. I am not one to stalk you about your sales. But please know I am here as always if you ever need anything! I would love to help you succeed. I am never to busy for my TEAM!