Zebra & Letters To an Young Artist

By: Anna Deavere Smith & Chaim Potok


A person does need empathy to create good art.


It may be possible that a person does not need empathy to create good art.


If you have empathy you are able to relate to people and your creations.

"It means that you can control them long enough to watch, listen, and you feel." (Paragraph Pg 124)

When an artist has empathy there are likely to be more inspired.

"Empathy required a very highly imagination". ( Paragraph 5 Pg 124)

Why we need empathy?

This shows that it is starting that you can control long enough to feel for others.

This proves that you need to feel to have empathy for great art.

This shows artists are likely to relate to other people.

This proves that empathy creates great art and inspire artist

Acknowledging the Counterclaim

That a person who is an artist an creates art dosen't need empathy to create good art.


If an person does art they dosen't need empathy as an skill to create good art.


That all people don't need empathy to do great art. If you are an artist you don't need great art you can be inspired to create good art.
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