Welcome 5th Grade Bobcats!

Buffett Middle School


We are so excited to meet you and venture on a learning journey together. We understand the circumstances surrounding our return to school may be causing you some anxiety as this is a big transition year for your student. We want to assure you that we are well prepared to help your student feel safe, secure, and cared for in a positive, nurturing learning environment.

A Very Special Day Just for 5th Grade

On, we will welcome ALL 5th grade students (A-Z) to take part in 5th Grade Day-Bobcat Camp Style! Many of you were registered to take part in Bobcat Camp this summer that was cancelled due to the closure of schools. We have truncated and adapted that curriculum to work within 5th Grade Day. All 95 staff members in grades 5-8 will be on hand and ready to help your student have a successful first day of 5th grade.

Some Important People You'll Meet

What do I do when I arrive?

Due to safety protocols put in place district-wide, we ask that you follow these directions to help us safely welcome your student:

  • Students will enter the building at 7:25 a.m.
  • Drop-off for 5th grade is at the main entrance; look for the flag pole.
  • There are two lanes. One along the main sidewalk, and one through the first aisle of the parking lot.
  • Students and teachers are the only people allowed inside the building. Please allow staff members outside to escort your student into the building.
  • Upon exiting your vehicle, your student should put on their mask.
  • We ask that you stay inside your car.
  • Students using OPS Transportation will be greeted at the bus and escorted inside.

What about breakfast?

A grab-and-go breakfast will be available for any student that would like one. Students will be directed on how to pick up a grab-and-breakfast upon entering the building.

Where do students go first?

Your student will report to their A Day Block 1-2 classroom. This room number is located on your student’s schedule provided at Orientation Night. If you are unable to attend Orientation Night, your student will be able to get their schedule in the commons. There will be staff members inside the building to help your student get to the correct location and to pick up their schedule if needed.

What should students bring?

Due to the nature of the activities and to help your student be organized for the day, please ONLY send the following items with your student for 5th Grade Day as your student will not use their locker:

  1. Their schedule.
  2. One notebook.
  3. One writing utensil.
  4. Their mask.

Please wait to send any other school materials with your student until their first regular schedule school day.

What will dismissal look like?

At dismissal at 3:05 p.m., we ask you to remain in your car. Students will be escorted outside and aided in getting to you.

Students utilizing OPS Transportation will be escorted to the bus loop and aided in getting on the correct bus home.

What does the rest of the school week look like?