Teacher Talk

November 2022

* Making Student Connections *

Career Development Month

November is Career Development Month. Have students explore Xello during one of the upcoming short weeks (access using clever.com/in/hcusd3) and have 1:1 discussions about each student's interests and future plans. Learning what interests each student builds relationships and connections.

* Instruction *

Personalize Instruction with Seminars

This comes from Cult of Pedagogy, which I highly recommend to any podcast listeners. We talk about differentiation and student choice a lot in education. Unfortunately, those two things are sometimes the most difficult and time-consuming to plan. Seminars, targeted mini-lessons that are student-selected, are offered during class time but are optional. Students sign up to attend the seminars that have the most significance to them. Example: I am teaching adding mixed numbers. I may host seminars on finding common denominators, simplifying fractions, converting mixed numbers to improper, adding fractions, number lines, and word problems. Once students understand the routine, you can introduce student-led seminars into your classroom to give students an opportunity to share their knowledge and teach their peers. Read (or listen) to learn more.

Caution: Artificial Intelligence for Writing?

Is it cheating? Platforms like Moonbeam use AI to turn an outline into an original college-level essay. Check out this article from Inside Higher Ed to learn more about this developing trend and the instructional concerns that accompany it.

Planbook Tip

Did you know you can use the drag-and-drop feature in Planbook to merge two lessons together? This feature is helpful when you didn't get to something the day before or when the schedule unexpectedly changes. Simply click the arrow icon in the corner and drag to the lesson you want to merge with. When prompted, select LINK and the lesson content will be combined.
IL Holocaust Museum

Virtual and in-person field trips available for grades 3-12 in addition to teaching trunks, speaker requests, and more!

* PD Opportunities *

November Book Study with TeachIllinois

The book for November is Educating Mindfully. It’s a collection of 40 essays/stories of how people transformed their classroom or their school to be more mindful. Please send your request to Hope. The district will purchase your book.

On Demand Professional Development

Need PD hours but don't want to be out of your classroom? Here are some great opportunities from TeachIllinois.

ROE 3 PD Calendar

The ROE has expanded its PD offerings. Within the next few months, they have sessions on Formative Assessments, Get Students Talking, Math Practices and Extended Responses, Behavior, Cognitive Bias, Google, and MORE.

* Odds and Ends *

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