From Zero to Five

Working with Storefront Owners to develop their business

Week #1

  1. The 1st Order - Critical that this happens immediately so the SO gets their first taste of working on the Zaarly platform. Marketing employs City Testers for Food and Services.
  2. The Interview - Utilize the SO Interview questions to learn about their business. How do they acquire customers, how do they manage their pipeline, etc.
  3. Audit- Holistic view of everything that exists external about the business. Have they done branding? In there a Yelp profile? Have they been reviewed by a famous journalist.

SO Homework - Completion and questions on the order process. What did they think?

Zaarly Homework - How did the business present themselves. What are their strengths and weaknesses. Does their external face need to be cleaned up.

Week #2

1. Consistency and Messaging - Deliver a plan of action based on the audit and interview that will allow the Storefront Owner to sell more items online, without detracting from their brand.

2. External Announcement - Help the Storefront Owner craft their message to introduce their new capability to sell online with email, social, releases, etc.

SO Homework -

Zaarly Homework -